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Talin® (Thaumatin) is a natural protein that has an amazing ability to enhance and modify flavors, improve mouth feel and also to provide natural sweetness according to the food application.

Talin's® (Thaumatin) incredible versatility means it is perfect for a wide range of food and confectionery, from Savory products, dairy and non-dairy desserts, to hard candies, chewing gum and table-top sweeteners.


Ideal for all types of beverage including carbonates, water-based beverages as well as dairy and soya-based beverages and alcoholic beverages where permitted.

  • Works with primary sweetening systems to enhance and round the flavor and sweetness profile. Sweetening systems may include high intensity sweeteners and other natural sweeteners such as Stevia (Reb A)
  • Masks the bitter/metallic aftertaste of some sweeteners.
  • Increases the mouth feel of dairy beverages.

Talin® (Thaumatin) is highly effective at masking bitterness and overcoming the perception of off notes- a characteristic of particular importance for Pharmaceutical applications.

Typical areas where Talin® (Thaumatin) can add benefit include antibiotics, analgesics, cough syrups, common cold remedies, medicated gums, active pharmaceutical drugs and supplements.


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