Talin Thaumatin Naturally from Naturex

natural thaumatin comes from the katemfe fruit

Thaumatin – tease your taste buds.


We should never cease to be amazed by the generous kitchen that nature provides. In a society where convenience and over processing could be seen to rule – it’s comforting to know that some things remain natural.

Talin® (Thaumatin) is wild harvested from the West African rainforests. It is a low-calorie flavor modifier, a natural protein physically extracted from the Katemfe Fruit, Thaumatococcus daniellii.

The power of Thaumatin’s taste enhancement properties have a long and distinguished legacy. Used by the West Africans for hundreds of years to sweeten corn breads, sour fruits and also to make palm wine palatable.

It was first brought to the attention of the western world in the 1840's when, during a posting to the region, British Army Surgeon, W F Daniell, made note of how the locals used Thaumatin. He later reported his findings in a pharmaceutical journal.

In the 1970s, great emphasis was placed on Thaumatin’s sweetening properties and for some time this defined its regulatory and marketing path.

The Naturex philosophy is to respect the local environment to ensure that our actions, both in the short and long term, have the least possible negative impact and at the same time promote sustainable and positive improvement in the attitudes and lives of the indigenous people.

Today, thanks to the vision and innovation of Naturex, Thaumatin, under the brand name Talin®, enjoys more unique and novel uses worldwide than ever before – it surpasses being used as simply a sweetener.

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