Talin Thaumatin Naturally from Naturex

Those with taste choose Talin®

Talin® (Thaumatin) is a natural protein that has a wide range of applications in food and drink – particularly in the field of flavor modification and flavor enhancement. But its inherent versatility makes it capable of so much more.

Beverages (inc Dairy and Soya Milk

Ideal for water-based Flavored and non-alcoholic drinks as well as dairy and soya-based beverages.

  • Perfect at working with primary sweetening systems to enhance and round the flavor and sweetness profile.
  • Masks after taste of some high intensity sweeteners.
  • Sweetening systems benefiting from the addition of Talin® (Thaumatin) include HIS and natural sweeteners including Stevia (Reb A).
  • Helps to extend the shelf life of beverages by masking the breakdown of citrols.
  • Low fat dairy beverages seem creamier.
chart of qualities cold drinks

* The regulatory position of Talin® varies according to application and country.

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