Talin Thaumatin Naturally from Naturex

Those with taste choose Talin®

Talin® (Thaumatin) is a natural protein that has a wide range of applications in food and drink – particularly in the field of flavor modification and flavor enhancement. But its inherent versatility makes it capable of so much more.

Table Top Sweeteners

Talin’s® (Thaumatin) suitability for any table top sweetener goes beyond its outstanding total sweet perception. It’s also the healthier option.

  • Insignificant calorie contribution.
  • Masks after taste of some high intensity sweeteners.
  • Delivers a sugar-like taste in combination with some high intensity sweeteners and polyols.
  • 3000 times sweeter than sugar.
chart of qualities table top sweetener

Savory Products

Talin® (Thaumatin) gives outstanding results in Savory applications and may help in reducing salt and masking KCL.

  • In a Savory product the salt level can be successfully reduced by up to 30%.
  • Talin® gives Savory products a more rounded taste.
  • Talin® enhances the spicy notes.
  • Reduces bitter notes associated with Potassium Chloride.
chart of qualities Savory products

Dairy and non-dairy desserts

Talin® (Thaumatin) works especially well in yoghurts, mousses, ice-cream and soya-based desserts.

  • Perceived increase in body, particularly in low fat yoghurts and desserts.
  • Improved flavor perception in low fat products.
  • Masks astringency or unwanted notes from other ingredients.
chart of qualities dairy and non dairy dessert


Perfect for hard candies, gummies and chocolates.

  • Enhances, improves and prolongs flavors, particularly citrus, berry and mint.
  • Helps to reduce after taste of other high intensity sweeteners.
  • Sugar-like taste in combination with polyols and high intensity sweeteners.
chart of qualities confectionery

Chewing gum

A longer lasting flavor is the must for every chewing gum manufacturer this is now achievable thanks to Talin® (Thaumatin).

  • Significant enhancement of spearmint, peppermint, citrus and other fruit flavors.
  • Improved sweetness profile with polyols and high intensity sweeteners (more sucrose like), with enhanced cooling effects.
chart of qualities chewing gum

* The regulatory position of Talin® varies according to application and country.

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